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“Travelling Companions” by Augustus Leopold Egg (Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery)


6:1 - 2013

5:2  - 2012

The Other Dickens: neo-Victorian Appropriation and Adaptation

Guest edited by Charlotte Boyce and Elodie Rouseelot


5:1 - 2012

Special Issue: The Child in Neo-Victorian Arts and Discourse: Renegotiating 19th Century Concepts of Childhood

Guest edited by: Anne Morey and Claudia Nelson


4:2 - 2011

Special Issue: Spectacles and Things: Visual and Material Culture and/in Neo-Victorianism

Guest edited by: Nadine Boehm-Schnitker and Susanne Gruss

4:1 - 2011
3:2 - 2010
3:1 - 2010
Special Issue: Steampunk, Science, and (Neo)Victorian Technologies
Guest edited by Rachel A. Bowser and Brian Croxall
2:2 - Winter 2009/2010
Special Issue: Adapting the Nineteenth Century: Revisiting, Revising and Rewriting the Past
Guest edited by Alexia L. Bowler and Jessica Cox


2:1 - Winter 2008/2009
Special Issue: "Swing Your Razor Wide...": Sweeney Todd and Other (Neo)Victorian Criminalities

1:1 - Autumn 2008


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