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“Civilised society doesn’t just happen”:

The Animal, the Law and ‘Victorian Values’ in Kim Newman’s Anno Dracula
Kathryn Bird

1-24 PDF
Disparate Images: Literary Heroism and the ‘Work vs. Life’ Topos
in Contemporary Biofictions about Victorian Authors
Julia Novak & Sandra Mayer
25-51 PDF
"Somehow this crazy world has taken on a wonderful design":
Vincente Minnelli’s Neo-Victorian Utopias in Hollywood
Kate J. Hext
52-78 PDF
Dislocated Heroines: Cary Fukunaga’s Jane Eyre, Romantic Love and Bertha’s Legacy
Meghan Jordan
79-103 PDF
The Way We Read Victorian Fiction Now: Penguin and Neo-Victorian Book Design
Chris Louttit
104-128 PDF
Luna the Plentiful
Matthew Trammell
129-149 PDF
Reviews/Review Essays

Post-Victorian Adaptive Maps and the Politics of Identity:
Review of Andrea Kirchknopf, Rewriting the Victorians:
Modes of Literary Engagement with the 19th Century

Sneha Kar Chaudhuri
150-157 PDF
Wildean Influences, Legacies, or Neo-Victorian Afterlives?:
Review of Annette M. Magid (ed.), Wilde’s Wiles: Studies of the Influences on Oscar Wilde
and His Enduring Influences in the Twenty-First Century

Nadine Boehm-Schnitker
158-164 PDF
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