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Special Issue:

The Other Dickens: Neo-Victorian Appropriation and Adaptation

Guest edited by: Charlotte Boyce and Elodie Rousselot


The Other Dickens: Neo-Victorian Appropriation and Adaptation

Charlotte Boyce and Elodie Rousselot

1-11 PDF

The Posthumous Dickens: Commemorative Adaptations, 1870-2012

Karen Laird

12-34 PDF

Miss Havisham’s Dress: Materialising Dickens in Film Adaptations of Great Expectations

Amber K. Regis and Deborah Wynne

35-58 PDF

A Christmas Carol and Global Economy: The Neo-Victorian Debt to the Nineteenth Century

Elodie Rousselot

59-83 PDF

The Pleasures and Limits of Dickensian Plot, or “I have met Mr. Dickens, and this is not him”

Dana Shiller

84-103 PDF

Dickensian Childhoods: Blighted Victorian Children in Michel Faber’s The Crimson Petal and the White

Elizabeth Rees
104-128 PDF

Mothers and Molls: Re-imagining the Dickensian Maternal in Charles Palliser’s The Quincunx

Sheelagh Russell-Brown

129-151 PDF

Dining with Savages and the Laws of Hostility: Performing Civilisation in Andersen’s English

Charlotte Boyce

152-178 PDF

Tangible Typography

Lillian Nayder

179-201 PDF
Reviews/Review Essays


Portable Neo-Victorianism: Review of Elizabeth Ho, Neo-Victorianism and the Memory of Empire

Eckart Voigts

202-208 PDF

Scenes of Defiant Female Lives: Review of Robert Muscutt, Heathen and Outcast and The Defiance of Mary Ball

Sneha Kar Chaudhuri

209-216 PDF

 The Canon, the Fan, and the Academic: Review of Sabine Vanacker and Catherine Wynne (eds.),

Sherlock Holmes and Conan Doyle: Multi-Media Afterlives

Nadine Boehm-Schnitker

217-227 PDF

Saving General Gordon: Review of Gillian Slovo’s An Honourable Man

Helen Davies


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Notes on Contributors 261-263 PDF


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