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Original Copy:

Neo-Victorian Versions of Oscar Wilde’s ‘Voice’

Helen Davies
1-21 PDF

The Other’s Other:

Neo-Victorian Depictions of Constance Lloyd Wilde Holland

Bonnie J. Robinson
22-43 PDF

A Tale of Minnie Dean: The Wilton Baby-Farmer

Frances Kelly
44-54 PDF

(Neo-)Victorian Impersonations:

Vesta Tilley and Tipping the Velvet

Allison Neal
55-76 PDF

Neo-Victorian Goblin Fruit: Maggie Power on the Gothic Fascinations

of Demon Lovers and Re-Imagining the Victorians

Marie-Luise Kohlke
77-92 PDF


Maggie Power
93-99 PDF

“In Which Parasols Prove Useful”:
Neo-Victorian Rewriting of Victorian Materiality

Amy L. Montz

100-118 PDF

Reviews/Review Essays

What Did the Victorians Do for Us?: Review of Marie-Luise Kohlke & Christian Gutleben (eds.),
Neo-Victorian Tropes of Trauma: The Politics of Bearing After-Witness to Nineteenth-Century Suffering

Justin Sausman




Opium and the Tufaan of (Neo-)Victorian Imperialism:

Review of Amitav Ghosh, River of Smoke

Sneha Kar Chaudhuri

132-143 PDF

Testimonies on Herman Melville:

Review of Jay Parini, The Passages of Herman Melville

Celia Wallhead

144-154 PDF
Announcements Page 155-181 PDF
Notes on Contributors 182-184 PDF


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