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BAVS (British Association for Victorian Studies)

The British Association for Victorian Studies (founded in 2000) is a multi-disciplinary organisation of scholars, dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge about the Victorian period. Its international membership is drawn from the academic community and the general public, and its activities include an annual conference, regular newsletters, and support of scholarship at every level.

Nineteenth-Century Contexts: An Interdisciplinary Journal

Interdisciplinary, international and innovative, Nineteenth-Century Contexts challenges traditional modes of categorizing the nineteenth century with articles that not only integrate theories and methods of various fields of inquiry - art, history, musicology, anthropology, literary criticism, religious studies, social history, economics, popular culture studies, and the history of science, among others- but also test and open up the very limits of disciplinary boundaries.


This website features a group of journals and webpages devoted to exploring the literature and arts of the fin-de-siècle, including ones dedicated to Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, George Moore, John Ruskin, and the New Woman, among others. Besides articles and reviews, the site provides information on current research, publications and productions, and a discussion forum.

Tom Phillip’s Humument

An experimental project by the British artist Tom Phillips, Humament synthesises words and images, via cut-up techniques, semi-aleatoric devices, scoring out, superimposing collage fragments, and over-writing/over-typing/over-painting a three pence copy of W.H. Mallock's 1892 novel, A Human Document, creating a “treated book”. The title Humament derives from a conjunction of Mallock’s title, i.e. A Human Document.

VICTORIA 19th-Century British Culture & Society Mailing List and Archives

A discussion list founded and managed since 1993 by Patrick Leary and hosted at Indiana University, Bloomington, VICTORIA is dedicated to supporting research into Victorian Britain and providing a collaborative forum for researchers, teachers, and students to debate and exchange ideas and information about this period.

Victoria Research Web

A summary guide of various research resources available for scholars, teachers, and students of the Victorian period, the VRW is compiled by Patrick Leary, who also founded the VICTORIA List (see above). The VRW assists Victorianists in finding helpful and practical information regarding archival materials, collections, catalogues, and bibliographies, as well as planning research trips to Britain. It also provides a range of succinct reference works, e.g. on periodical research and Victorian publishers’ records.