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Neo-Victorian Studies is published electronically 2-3 times a year and accepts submissions of scholarly and/or creative pieces throughout the year. In the case of critical/theoretical pieces, these should be preceded by an abstract of up to 150 words and a list of up to 10 keywords in alphabetical order. Contributions should generally be between 6000 and 8000 words in length (excluding abstract, keywords, and bibliography), though longer or shorter pieces of particular significance may be considered at the editors’ discretion.

Please submit two electronic copies of your work, one with your name and affiliation following the title and a wholly anonymous version for peer review. (Please ensure that the latter does not include any identifying features, such a reference to earlier publication - "as I have discussed elsewhere..." - either in the body of the article or the notes.) A brief biographical note of no more than 2-3 sentences should be included in your covering email.

Please confirm in your covering email that your work has not been published previously and has not been simultaneously submitted elsewhere for possible publication. (Or, if previously published, explain why you believe the work merits republication in Neo-Victorian Studies.)

Submissions should be made by email with Word Document attachments. Use double quotation marks and bracketed references after quotations, citing author, date, and page, e.g. (Smith 1990: 35). For additional explanatory notes use automatic endnotes, indicated via superscript numerals (1-2-3 format) in the body of the text, placed immediately after the end of a clause or sentence (i.e. following a comma or full stop). Long quotations over three lines in length should be indented from both margins without quotation marks and set apart from the main body of the text via a blank line above and below. Please include a full bibliography, citing all reference materials employed. Examples:

Ducornet, Rikki. 1994. ‘A Scatological and Cannibal Clock: Angela Carter’s “The Fall River Axe Murders”’, The Review of Contemporary Fiction 14:3 (Fall), 37-41.

King, Jeanette. 2005. The Victorian Woman Question in Contemporary Feminist Fiction. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Langlois, Janet L. 2001. ‘Andrew Borden’s Little Girl: Fairy-Tale Fragments in Angela Carter’s “The Fall River Axe Murders” and “Lizzie’s Tiger”’, in Roemer, Danielle M. and Cristina Bacchilega (eds.), Angela Carter and the Fairy Tale. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 204-224.

Miller, Laura. 1997. ‘Blood and Laundry [The Salon Interview with Margaret Atwood]’, Salon, (20 Jan),  updated 2012, (accessed 30 June 2007).


There is no easy formula or percentage for how much one can quote from a published work under copyright law’s “fair dealing” or “fair use” guidelines. NVS strongly encourages contributors to limit their quotations from any single book-length text to 800 words in total (with no more than 400 words per extract), or 500 words at most when quoting from shorter works. Quotations from any one poem should not exceed 40 lines (or not more than 25% of the poem as a whole). Contributors will be required to obtain permission to quote at length from other authors’ works if their use of any single source exceeds these numbers.

Please note that ornamental quotes or any material not discussed for the purposes of “criticism and review” (including epigraphs and images) does not fall under “fair use” and will require permission.



NVS requires that permission be obtained if a contributor uses one or more previously published images in her/his article. Examples of what constitutes an ‘image’ include: film, stills, photographs, illustrations, extracts from comics or graphic novels, photographic reproductions of artwork, movie posters, tables, figures, screenshots, etc. Permission to use copyright material must be cleared in advance of sending NVS the final version of your article, and written evidence that permission has been granted and any applicable fees have been paid must be provided to the Editor. Failure to provide evidence of clearance may result in NVS pulling your article from publication or only agreeing to publish it without any images (e.g. including hyperlinks to webpages where the images may be accessed rather than including the images themselves).

Please do not assume that your inclusion of an image falls under ‘Fair Use’. Please also do not assume that just because an image is widely distributed or discussed on the internet it is not subject to copyright.

Acquiring permission to reproduce copyrighted material can be expensive as well as time-consuming, and sometimes the original copyright holder can be hard to find. Hence, please think carefully about whether or not your article requires the use of images and also about the number of images used.

Nevertheless, it does no harm to ask a publisher or copyright holder how much permission will cost. Many publishers, for example, will provide discounts for academic use or may not even charge at all. It is worth stressing that NVS is a fully open-access, i.e. non-subscription and non-profit journal. Please note, therefore, that any costs incurred will need to be covered by you, the contributor.  

 Below, please find a sample letter that you can use to request permission:

 Dear Sir/Madam,

 I am currently writing/have written a scholarly article, [TITLE], to be submitted/published in Neo-Victorian Studies, a peer-reviewed, academic, free and open access online journal ( The provisional date of publication is scheduled to be [DATE]. I am writing to request permission to include the following material in my article:

Image: [include title, page numbers or, if not applicable, attach image to letter]


[If applicable] Title of book, journal, website etc:

ISBN/issue number:


Date of publication:

I would like to request permission to publish the above mentioned material in Neo-Victorian Studies, which is wholly non-subscription and non-profit. (Hence there is no print-run, no price of subscription, and the number of readers will vary.) I will, of course, make full acknowledgement to your work in the usual manner. The journal’s standard wording is along the following lines:

“Figure No.: [Image Description] in Author, Title, © Date Copyright Holders, reprinted with permission of Copyright Holders.”

 However, please do provide any specific acknowledgement wording you would prefer me to use instead.

 If you do not control the appropriate rights to this material, I would be grateful if you would kindly advise to whom I should apply.

Please send me a signed hard copy of this letter or, alternatively, a scanned version of the signed letter to indicate that you will grant permission for this use on the terms requested by [DATE: pick a date well in advance of your NVS deadline!]. If you prefer to grant permission via email, please kindly ensure that you copy the Neo-Victorian Studies editorial office into your email response at

Many thanks for your assistance.

Yours sincerely,

[Contributor Signature]


As the authorized rights-holder(s) of the above mentioned material I/we hereby grant permission to re-use such material in accordance with the terms stated above.

Signature/Electronic Signature:                                                        Date:


Position:                                                                                        Company: