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Copyright for all material published in Neo-Victorian Studies resides with the journal.

By publishing in NVS, authors agree to only re-use/reprint/republish their work elsewhere, after a minimum period of twelve months from the date of first publication, agree to includes full acknowledgement of their works’ prior publication in Neo-Victorian Studies, and advise the journal’s General Editor prior to any such republication. Additionally, upon acceptance of the agreed finished version of an author’s work, as it will appear in the journal, the author may deposit an unformatted version of her/his work (i.e. without journal page layout and header/footer information) in an institutional or subject repository. Authors are individually responsible for obtaining any necessary copyright permissions for images, photos, or other materials reproduced in their articles and for including any required credits (see ‘Submission Guidelines’).

Readers of Neo-Victorian Studies may download and/or print any files from the journal for their personal and/or educational use, as long as no alterations are made to the material and any subsequent citation is properly acknowledged. For any other use/reproduction/dissemination of material, express prior permission must be obtained from the journal’s General Editor.